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Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions and Limitation of Liability Brain Game Escape Rooms operating by Real Games Playground (License Nr 882651)

  1. I acknowledge that I have been informed and understand that the use of Real Games Playground facilities may pose risk and entail an inherent danger.
    I hereby declare under my sole responsibility as the user and/or guardian of the underage user that none of the aforementioned persons suffers from any illness, disability or medical condition that might prevent the proper use of Real Games Playground facilities and/or I hereby authorize my child to use them.
  2. I understand that in order to enjoy Real Games Playground facilities it is mandatory to make proper use of them by following the general rules at all times, which I declare that I am aware of, and to follow the instructions given by the staff.
  3. By using this document, I release Real Games Playground, its legal representatives, administrators, employees and agents from liability on account of any personal injury or harm that the participant and/or guardian of the underage participant may come to suffer, as well as any material damage or damage to property, that is a consequence of my participation in the playroom and is due to my own fault or negligence.
  4. In addition, I waive the right to take legal action against Real Games Playground, its legal representatives, administrators, employees, or agents, on account of any injury or material or personal damage that may be caused through my own fault or negligence during my stay at Real Games Playground facilities.
  5. The facilities have a suitable locker where belongings may be left however it is unguarded and therefore Real Games Playground cannot be held responsible for the custody or safekeeping of items belonging to participants taking part in its activities, who at all times should monitor and assume responsibility for them.
  6. Image Rights: I understand that by signing this document my name and image, and the name and image of the person(s) on whose behalf, and as the responsible party, I sign this Acceptance of Terms and Conditions, may be used for the sole purpose of the promoting the activity without consideration in return. The use of images or videos will be limited to activities strictly related to the activity and non-commercial, on the social network profiles belonging to the center and the playground, or on other media. This express authorization shall remain valid until revoked by supporting documents. I have read this document carefully. I fully understand and accept its contents and assume any risks arising from it. As proof of my agreement, I hereby sign sheet 1 which includes sheet 2 with these terms and conditions.